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the BN Critters comic strip


A ridiculous bit of stupidity that I started writing back in early 2008. Somehow it grew and I've now written hundreds and hundreds of comic strips, made more than a few people shriek "I'm a stripper! when I included them into the comic strip as a character, and somehow found the time to develop a social site for the readers to enjoy ..... as well as write a few books worth of bonus material.

I've also introduced the word "Sha-Boobies" into the modern lexicon of, ummm .... wordology. Look for it soon in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Stupid? Undoubtedly .... but it's been a helluva lot of fun.

www.bncritters.com The BN Critters website
facebook.com/bncritters The BN Critters on Facebook
www.CrittervilleCove.com The BN Critters social website